Training notes from monthly training with Sensei Paul Cote, Kyoshi, 7th Dan

November 19th, 2018

Seisan Kata Bunkai – starting from the part where there is a direction change, and you are in left foot forward seisan stance with both hands in shutos at the sides.

1) Cross right hand over left to block a incoming choke. Get your left elbow over their arm to trap both their arms with your left arm. Note – turn so that you are side on not square and facing them – left elbow should be leading and pressing against their body.

2) Same move as the above, but this time get their right forearm over yours, and use your right forearm to press up and lock their arms. From here, step left foot back behind your right (crane stance) so that you are 90 degrees to them. Kick right foot back between theirs, and pivot so your left foot is in front, and you are facing 180 degrees from your starting position, and this throws them (if not over your shoulder – at least it spins them around in the direction you are now facing).

3) Use right teisho uke (palm block) to the inside to block a incoming straight punch, use left shuto uke somewhat out from the body to slow a wide hook or haymaker punch. Then step to your left (their right), and loop your left are over their right – trapping it behind your back – reach under their arm, and grabbed their left arm still trapped from your original block. Note, movement is a big part of this – step to your right for the initial block, and for the arm lock portion (when you loop your arm over the top), you need to turn 90 degrees to be facing off in the direction of their left shoulder.

4) Block straight punch with left palm block. Step right foot up, then out and do right hand open hand strike to their head/neck. Grab and pull (or do another open hand strike – a downward one). Use left hand to push their lower back, and right to push their head towards your left to move them off balance. Step forward and switch hands so left is to the left of their head, and strike head/face with right open hand.

From then, it was discussed how you could go forward with the rest of the kata, moving their head to catch position on your right hip, then left block, right punch combo (which in this Bunkai would be the same movement with your hands on their head).

July 16th, 2018 

Application from Chinto kata – deflect punch and catch with mid level block. Use foot transitions from crane stance to move/throw

Application from Tokumine no kun bo kata – from thrusts, transition to cat stance with bo on shoulder – this translates in open hand application to a grab where you move in close in cat stance with their arm over your shoulder in a lock. Then you swing them to the side as you transition to kneeling

Did many application of “helicoptor” bo moves where the bo is circled over head to position for side strikes.

April 9th, 2018 

Went through all of Tokumine No Kun Bo kata and the first sections of Urashi Bo Kata.

Learned unarmed application of the yoi and opening moves of common to all bo katas. This was a release of cross wrist grab of right hand by catching grabbing wrist above thumb and index, and raising to shoulder height to break grip. Following this is a groin strike and throw.

One other unarmed application practiced was the “baseball bat swing” portion of Tokumine No Kun, where the right hand is an open handed strike to the face. Some other concepts discussed are the ideas of “degrees of freedom” when adapting bo kata to unarmed bunkai. The main point is that hands have some freedom of movement, which wouldn’t be there when holding the bo, so moves have a lot more options.